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鼓舞士气:中国鼓团队活动 Chinese Drums Workshop

中国·鼓 Chinese Drums


This is a team activity that combines traditional Chinese culture with the art of music and dance, especially during the Chinese New Year, and is not only a team activity but also a great way to boost morale. It's also perfect as a kick-off event for the New Year.

鼓文化与中华文明相伴而生数千年。其所承载的精神内涵已经远超 其乐器的用途。先贤孔子曾说过“鼓之舞之”,可见“鼓舞”一词起源之早。

Drum culture has been accompanied by Chinese civilization for thousands of years. The spiritual connotation it carries goes far beyond the use of its instrument. The sage Confucius once said that "the dance of the drum" shows that the word "inspire" originated early.

鼓,是精神的象征;舞,是力量的表现。通过中国鼓团队活动,鼓舞人心、 振奋士气,用最饱满的精神,阳光的心境开始团队新征程。中国鼓团队活动通常分为:分组建队、热身鼓棒舞、击鼓培训、方阵练习与团队PK以及鼓汇表演等环节,每场活动建议用时2~3小时,室内外均可。

The drum is a symbol of the spirit; Dance is an expression of strength. Through the workshop activities of the Chinese drum, it is inspiring and morale-boosting and start a new journey of the team with the fullest spirit and sunny mood. Chinese drum team activities are usually divided into team formation, warm-up drum and stick dance, drumming training, square practice, team PK and drum performance, etc., each activity is recommended to take 2~3 hours, indoor and outdoor.


Magnificent and full of spirit, the Chinese drum team activity can not only allow everyone to experience traditional Chinese culture but also boost morale, which is an excellent choice for team activities. Let's take a look at the grandeur of the Chinese drum through a drum show video:




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